Increase the Value of Your Economic Speakers

From the National Speakers Bureau

In this article, Dr. Bill Conerly gives useful advice: Connect the dots between the economy and business decisions when hiring an economist.

Economics PresentationsImage

Providing actionable ideas for meeting attendees means that the economics presentation should sound different from cocktail party chat. When I get together with my neighbors, they ask about the next Federal Reserve chair and what Congress should do. For a meeting of business, non-profit or local government leaders, these topics are not actionable. Unless you have the President in your audience, have your speaker connect the economics to business decisions.

Help the presenter in advance by explaining your industry’s sales in terms of the major economic sectors: consumers, business and government. Talk about export markets or competition with imports. Describe the major costs faced in your industry.

With this background, an economist with business experience should be able to explain how the forecast will impact decisions about capital spending, staffing, finance and other critical issues. If your speaker is from academia or government, you might follow with a panel of industry leaders who are prepared to answer the question, “What are the business implications of this economic forecast?

Connecting the dots from the economy to business decisions provides content that audience members can use as soon as they are back in the office.


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