Speaker Introductions (Part 1)

Introducing a speaker during your event is a pivotal moment for your program. In this first post, Brian discusses some things about speaker introductions.

The introduction is a key element of a presentation. It establishes credibility and rapport with the audience and sets the tone for the rest of the session. If the audience is lost at the outset, your speaker may have a tough time connecting with them later. You want the audience to accept your speaker as a person, to trust the information put forth in the presentation and ultimately believe the overall message of the session. And that all begins with a good beginning.

As you plan your event, don’t disregard the person introducing your speaker. Too often, the speaker introduction is scribbled on a cocktail napkin five minutes before the start of the session. Many speakers have a formal introduction already ready. Consider using that as a starting point since it often will tease some of the primary points of the presentation. Whether you use a prepared introduction word for word, or draft your own, you may want to check it with the speaker ahead of time. In doing so, you stand a better chance of getting the audience’s attention, you reduce possible surprises and you create a smooth transition.

The best introductions last no longer than two or three minutes and should include information that is relevant to the audience. Just as a presentation should custom fit the group you’re addressing, the ideal introduction also should include a degree of customization — something that immediately relates to the listeners.

One way to make sure a memorable event is to assign the introduction to someone who knows the audience and is comfortable speaking in front of a group. Get the audience’s attention, and then give them a good taste for what’s about to come next.

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One Response to Speaker Introductions (Part 1)

  1. Matthew J. Robertson, CMP says:

    Helpful pointers. Love the “Life of Brian” poster in the background. Also your Art Institute lions.

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