Preparing Industry Speakers: Part 1

Good Day Beautiful People,

Brian Palmer here to tell you a story about a speech—a speech that I gave. An industry association invited me to speak at their event. I accepted and signed on the dotted line. Along the way, I kept asking the organizer what they wanted me to talk about, and I never received an answer. Calls and emails—I never received a response. So I, through my other means, went around and figured out what the purpose of the gathering was and what they wanted me to talk about.

The day of the event, about 5 minutes before I was to speak, the guy that invited me rushed into the room and said, “Hey, I never told you what I wanted you to talk about! What are you going to talk about?” I said, “Why don’t you wait around and see?” He did stay, and he was happy. The audience was happy, and all went well. But it went well because I investigated on my own.


About the half the times that I’ve been invited to speak at an event, I don’t hear from the organizer what they’re looking for me to do or what they want me to accomplish with my session. I find out on my own. When you hire industry speakers or invite them to speak at your event—industry experts—don’t leave it to chance that they know what you’re going to say. Don’t leave it to chance that their message is going to be appropriate for your audience or event objectives.

Always tell people why they were invited and what is the purpose of the event. Give them some information about the audience and demographics. Give them a very clear target to make sure that their presentation accomplishes your event objectives.


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