About National Speakers Bureau

Visit www.nationalspeakers.com or contact 847.295.1122.


For over 40 years, the National Speakers Bureau has served as one of the most respected firms in our industry. We understand that your keynote speaker can sometimes make or break your event. That’s why the National Speakers Bureau offers you more than a great speaker; we excel at helping our clients identify the right speaker, providing the means by which to base decisions and then handling arrangements to ensure an effective presentation that contributes to event objectives. Our associates will help you plan your meeting strategy and explain how to tie your meeting to a specific marketing or sales objective through the use of the right speaker. You will receive our prompt attention to your email or call to our home office in Chicago at 847.295.1122.

The National Speakers Bureau maintains professional associations with the following organizations:

  • International Association of Speakers Bureau (IASB)
  • Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA)
  • National Speakers Association (NSA)


We focus all of our efforts on you – the client. As a statement to this dedication, we do not accept gratuities and incentives to book our speakers. National Speakers Bureau selects the speaker who is right for your event; one who compliments your goals and objectives, as well as your audience.


After several years of conducting orchestras for well-known music industry stars and enduring constant travel, founder John Palmer sought employment that would keep him closer to his Chicago home. John discovered that new opportunity on a trip to New York City when he noticed a reference to a speakers bureau in a hotel telephone book. Once back in Chicago, he compared the city with what New York had to offer and decided to start the National Speakers Bureau in 1972.

Upon meeting Rod Serling, a lesser-known science fiction writer at the time, John convinced him to speak at Michigan State University This speaking engagement launched both Mr. Serling’s lecture career and the success of National Speakers Bureau.

The rest is history. We continue to grow our business each year with talented speakers and dedicated staff. In 2003, our President, Brian Palmer, was named Meeting Partner of the Year by the National Speakers’ Association. Please email or call 847.295.1122 when you begin to plan your next speaker event.


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